An app from Norway will find a song with just a few waves of your hand

If you are the type of person who loves waving and dancing emotionally while listening to music, you may be among the first users to test the SoundTracer app. It was developed by Olivier Lartilo, a researcher at the University of Oslo, who is working on alternative, "human" methods of searching and targeting information space.

In this case, the basis is taken by the involuntary urge of people to move to their favorite melodies. As a rule, such movements are of the same type. Rhythmic gestures to the beat of the music, which are easy to track if you hold a smartphone with an accelerometer and gyroscope in your hand. The movements of the apparatus in the air turn into points on the coordinate system, a graph or some kind of drawing, a virtual signature that is assigned to a music file.

Now you don't have to search for a track in the usual ways, you can just start dancing, and the system, recognizing a combination of gestures, will find and launch the file itself. The method requires mastering, training, so as you read the gestures, the application draws a graph and suitable matches on the screen. Over time, gestures will become accurate, and the reaction speed will increase by an order of magnitude, and you can surprise uninformed people with your player control skills.

There are only fifty Norwegian folk songs in the SoundTracer library by default, a bonus from the author. But he developed algorithms for "signing" that allow you to give an individual pattern of gestures to any arbitrary track. And the signs do not have to coincide with the data on your friend's smartphone - create your own secret collection, if you wish.