Scientists have learned to identify unusual behavior of people by gait

Psychologists distinguish two ways to determine the state of a person by behavior: physiognomy and psychology of gestures. Russian programmers continued this list - the staff of the famous MEPhI came to the aid of psychologists, who developed an algorithm that recognizes deviations in the behavior of people by gait.

The algorithm uses ordinary video recording as a source of information. The main task is to recognize complex images by a number of parameters: physique, manner of walking and dressing. At the same time, according to the project manager Vadim Danshin, an ordinary smartphone can handle the calculations.

Scientists expect that the technique will find application in security systems in crowded places, primarily at train stations and airports, where CCTV cameras are installed. It is possible that it will also be of interest to large shopping centers to analyze the behavior of service personnel and customers. Another area of ​​application of the algorithm is virtual reality.