Artificial intelligence wrote music inspired by The Beatles

Sony's CSL Research Lab plans to introduce a new virtual composer to the world next year. To present his talents, they will record and release a full-size album of songs, but for now, a promotional video has been posted on the Internet for advertising purposes. The title theme is the legacy of the legendary Liverpool Four.

The music was created using Sony Flow Machines technology, using the principles of artificial intelligence. However, the computer did not work alone - it was curated by the French professional musician Benoit Caret. As a senior, he prepared the lyrics and helped to bring the excerpts into a single, harmonious composition.

Sony is not disingenuous, calling its AI "composer", because the machine literally composes music based on its database of more than 13, 000 scores. Another thing is that each of them was once written by a person and the person, the operator, must set the direction of work - Sony Flow Machines cannot create spontaneously.

The presented song is called "Daddy's Car" and it is dedicated to the work of The Beatles. Next on the list, Mister Shadow, is a nod to American composers Cole Porter, George Gershwin and Duke Ellington.