Scientists consider "Tetris" an effective way to combat bad habits

Among modern gamers, few people turn to the good old "Tetris", invented by our compatriot Alexei Pajitnov more than 30 years ago. The Belgian edition Libre Belgique remembered with a kind word about the "great-grandmother" of modern computer games.

The article published the results of studies with the participation of students 18 - 27 years old, suffering from bad habits - overeating, craving for alcohol and drugs. Scientists suggested that the participants in the experiment take a break from harmful desires at least for a day by playing Tetris, and then assess their condition on a 100-point scale.

The results surprised both the organizers and the participants. About 70% of them during the game did not think about anything else, except for "laying" virtual bricks in their place. According to scientists, while playing Tetris, the brain switches to another “mode”. Moreover, just a few three-minute game sessions a day are enough and the craving for alcohol, drugs and plentiful food decreases sharply.