PayPal offers new identification systems

According to the specialists of the PayPal company (its sphere of activity is electronic payments), biometric identification systems are gradually becoming a thing of the past. They are being replaced by technologies of a higher level and degree of safety.

During a recent presentation titled "Kill All Passwords, " the head of PayPal's global evangelical team, Jonathan LeBlanc, announced that new identification technologies from external body attributes (fingerprints, retinal scans) will shift to internal body functions such as heartbeat or vein recognition from using the electronic devices installed there.

This also includes implants embedded in the brain and connected to a computer. As conceived by the developers, these devices will be powered by batteries powered by human stomach acid.

Jonathan LeBlanc suggested that instead of obsolete passwords, use ultra-thin silicon chips embedded in the skin with EGG sensors that record the heart rhythm, which is unique for every person, as well as computer tattoos.

It is possible that soon, instead of introducing a pincode, the owner of a bank account will take inside an indicator capsule that will measure the glucose level or other equally unique parameters of the body, after which he will make the necessary financial transaction without any fear.