Wi-Fi connection speed - a new indicator of hotel comfort

The rapid development of Internet technologies has not bypassed the influence of the hotel business. As practice shows, today, hotel clients are no longer enough comfortable beds, luxurious decor and stunning views from the window. All this splendor in one moment can be crossed out by slow Wi-Fi.

More recently, the Hotel WiFi Test app has been released, allowing potential customers to choose the hotel with the fastest Wi-Fi connection. So, about 100 hotels in New York and Paris were added to the iOS application, which can be tested on a five-star scale.

The reason for this test is that many well-known resorts offer free Wi-Fi without mentioning its quality. The application will serve well, first of all, for millions of tourists who cannot imagine their life without the Internet.

During testing, the top three world leaders were identified. The first place went to hotels in South Korea, the second - to Japan and the third - to Ukraine. In general, hotels in Asian countries look more preferable. The five best cities for Wi-Fi quality include hotels in Stockholm, Budapest, Tokyo, Dublin and Montreal. London is 21st on this list. The Portuguese city of Albufeira and Atlanta in the United States are recognized as outspoken outsiders.