Serious vulnerability has been found in Android that has existed for 4 years

The Android mobile operating system has been repeatedly recognized as the most insecure in terms of virus attacks. This is once again confirmed by the experts of the research company Bluebox Security Labs.

Security experts at Bluebox Security Labs have identified Severe vulnerability in the mobile operating system Google Android. It has been around for four years, starting with Android 1.6 "Donut". Thus, 99% of Android devices are at risk due to a security gap.

It is reported that due to an existing vulnerability in Android, attackers can modify the contents of an APK file without changing its cryptographic signatures. In other words, they can add a Trojan to any Android application while retaining the original developer signature.

Experts have already informed the Internet giant Google about the discovered vulnerability, but it has not yet been closed. Perhaps this will be done in the next firmware updates.