A deceased professor is teaching at a Canadian university.

The pandemic led to a massive transition of the education system to online lessons, which neither students nor teachers were really ready for. Therefore, it is not surprising that at the Concordia University in Montreal there was an incident related to the life and death of one of the teachers. In fact, the professor died back in 2019, but in reality, students hear him in online lessons and draw knowledge from the teacher's speeches.

An unexpected discovery was made by student Aaron Ansuini, a student of the art history course taught by Professor François-Marc Gagnon. The student studied the whole semester and did not suspect anything, but at some point he wanted to clarify the information and wrote an email to Professor Gagnon. Imagine his surprise when he saw in the mail a memorial mark for this address.

The university confirmed that the professor had indeed been dead for a long time, but even before his death, he dictated first-class lectures on his subject. In a pandemic, there is no choice, the materials of the late Gagnon turned out to be very convenient for the online format, when the presence of a teacher is not required. Technically, the course is taught by assistants who select notes for each lesson, and there is no oddity here - the professor's work is officially listed as teaching aids. It is another matter that with such a teaching format, students have a stable illusion that he is still alive and personally teaches them his subject.