Hitman 3 lets you try on the skin of a hitman in virtual reality

IO Interactive has released a trailer for the upcoming game Hitman 3, showing what the gameplay will look like in virtual reality. Alas, we are no longer allowed to contemplate the world-famous bald head with a barcode, but all other features of Agent 47 have been preserved. In the first-person view, his adventures more and more resemble those of Bond.

The peculiarity of the implementation of the game in virtual reality is that the developers managed to saturate the surrounding space with a variety of objects with which you can interact. The Agent's arsenal of traps and tricks has been significantly expanded, he has acquired new techniques, such as a distracting pat on the shoulder and the ability to shoot around corners. It is interesting to fight enemies, but it is even more interesting to fool their heads, showing ingenuity and deceit.

At the moment, to play in virtual reality, you need a PlayStation VR headset, there is no talk of support for other platforms yet, although an adaptation for a PC is announced in the future. The base game Hitman 3 will be released on January 20, 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, Google Stadia, plus Nintendo Switch via cloud streaming technology. If you have Hitman and Hitman 2 games, you can import some levels from there and play them in the virtual world.