The letters of the new New York Times crossword will have to be caught around the room in augmented reality

The New York Times mini crossword puzzle will now hover over the floor and sofa of your room, thanks to the augmented reality effect. You can try it out in Stories on the Times page on Instagram. Pull the screen up to try the effect on your phone, and when the mask is activated, the captions will appear: "The crossword is blown apart!". First, select the surface for the appearance of the crossword puzzle, on which it will stand, and then a cloud of letter fragments will soar over it.

The essence of the virtual crossword puzzle is to move the camera and find such an angle in which the fragments will gather together into a readable word. The developers used the same principle of perspective and anamorphosis that some artists play with to create an optical illusion that seems chaos at first, but becomes a work of art when viewed from a specific vantage point.

Of course, this is not the same as solving a real crossword puzzle. The player may not know the right word at all and nevertheless find it in space, trying different angles. And to wield a camera, which will add up the answer itself, you don't need a lot of trickery. However, knowing what to look for can help you navigate the jumble of shards faster.

Yes, this puzzle is not for classic crossword lovers, but rather to impress users with the achievements of the AR industry. By the way, here it is not even necessary to physically circle around the cloud of debris - after all, you can use your fingers to rotate it, as well as zoom in or out.

To see the illusion of a crossword puzzle, click on the link.