Telegram will have group voice chats and ads

The Telegram messenger, according to its CEO Pavel Durov, already has 500 million users. The scale of the platform is such that its creators openly started talking about the monetization of their brainchild. In connection with these plans, the service has received several updates, the main one of which is the ability to talk to many people in one chat in all available ways.

The pandemic and quarantine have turned group chats from entertainment to essential tools. If earlier they served mainly to collect grandparents on one side of the screen, and grandchildren-nephews on each side of the screen, now they are used by big business. This also includes the holding of various events, while if the chat is public, then anyone can join the conversation simply by using the phone.

In the current version, group chats in Telegram allow you to correspond and communicate through a microphone. But with the next update, the option of video transmission and screen sharing will be added. To manage chats, a special widget for Android has been developed, which allows you to control all participants in the conversation and mute the microphone in the background.