Netflix made a satirical film in the spirit of "Black Mirror" at the end of 2020

Netflix decided to sum up the crazy 2020 and do it in a humorous way. Already this Sunday, December 27, the channel will host the premiere of the mocumentari (that is, created in the genre of pseudo-documentary) of the film Death to 2020 - "Death to 2020".

The tape sneers at the events of the outgoing year, making fun of what many would prefer to leave forever in the past. The special flavor of the film is given by the fact that the authors of the outstanding TV series "Black Mirror" Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones worked on its creation.

The trailer featured a whole galaxy of star actors, including Samuel L. Jescon, Hugh Grant, Lisa Kudrow, Tracy Ullman, Leslie Jones, Christine Milioti and others. They play various "experts, politicians, monarchs and ordinary citizens" who assess the events of the past year. The film is narrated by Laurence Fishburne.