Over 171,000 EVE Online Players Help Fight Coronavirus

Players of the legendary MMO EVE Online have teamed up with scientists from McGill University in Canada to help research Covid-19. Over the past months, 171, 000 gamers have completed special tasks in the gaming world and participated in various mini-games. In fact, their actions helped categorize living cells and allowed scientists to better understand the virus and its methods of attacking the immune system.

To participate in a global project, no special knowledge is required - the in-game tutorial explains in detail all the necessary aspects. By completing tasks, players receive various rewards and increase their rating in the "Project Discovery" research project. To date, the already mentioned 171, 000 players have completed more than 47 million tasks, which is equivalent to 36 years of categorizing biological cells.

According to many players, they really enjoy participating in the project, as completing mini-games helps them better understand the principles of scientific research, without requiring special knowledge. At the same time, they can make a real contribution to the fight against coronavirus without leaving their own home and playing their favorite game.

More information about "Project Discovery" (launched by the developers of EVE Online by CCP Games) can be found on the official project page.