Logitech Launches Professional Cyber ​​Athlete Training Program for Everyone

Logitech G, the gaming division of Logitech, has launched the Playmaster Cyber ​​Athlete Training Program. The program was created in cooperation with professional esports associations and, according to the developers, "has a scientific foundation." The first game to hit the sights of the Playmaster was the immortal Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The Logitech G software offers anyone who wants to take a basic 30-minute test on specially prepared maps and levels to assess the player's skills. At the end of the tests, Playmaster visually shows the participant's results in comparison with other players and professional esports athletes. After that, artificial intelligence draws up an individual training program for the player, which should tighten up his weaker skills and improve his strong ones. In the available images, you can see that in the case of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the Playmaster system evaluates the players according to 8 parameters, including the accuracy of shooting, reaction speed, movement, offhand shooting and others.

According to Logitech G, personal training with Playmaster can improve the skills of players of all levels and have already proven this in practice. Now everyone can sign up for an early beta test of the new system on this site. At the moment, participation in the program is free, and in the future, more games will be added to the Playmaster training system. Time will tell whether Logitech will monetize its development.