American teenager wrote 27,000 articles for Wikipedia in a language he doesn't know

Wikipedia remains one of the most popular sources of information among Internet users, and almost anyone can take part in its filling. However, here sometimes it is not without incidents.

A few days ago, a Reddit user shared an unusual discovery he made while studying the Scottish language section of Wikipedia.

As it turned out, thousands of articles are written on it, making it one of the largest sections in the public domain. However, the intrigue was that almost half of them were written by a certain Amarallis Gardner, a young man from North Carolina (USA), for whom Scottish is not his native language.

Gardner wrote his first article at the age of 12, and today he has more than 20 thousand articles and about 200 thousand edits to his credit. Most of the material he published contains many spelling errors and the sentences lacking grammatical constructions characteristic of the Scottish language. Obviously, the author used an online translator - but the scale of this activity is striking.

This unusual case highlighted a serious problem directly related to the Scottish language, which is one of the endangered languages. Now the Wikipedia community has to decide the fate of the existing entries. Some users are in favor of deleting them, because, in their opinion, they do more harm than good with their illiteracy.

But there is also the opposite opinion. So, the head of the Scottish language center in Dorpat, Michael Dempster, defended Gardner, saying in an interview with The Guardian that it is necessary not to prohibit, but to help the young man in his work, which will also help in preserving the Scottish language.