This tiny game runs right in the title bar of your browser.

A minigame called TitleRun, developed by user Janniks, is a kind of continuation / development of the well-known Chrome Dino Runner. The same accessibility, simplicity and unpretentiousness, but even simpler and more modest. To become a participant in the game, you don't even need to install third-party extensions - everything happens right in your browser.

Chrome or Firefox are the best for the game. TitleRun is also available on desktop and mobile devices. The "scenario" of the game is extremely simple: the participants are required to overcome in a jump, or bypass the obstacles that appear in the header of the site tab.

TitleRun is controlled from the keyboard: by pressing the S key, the game starts. For jumps, there is a Space or an up arrow. The R key is responsible for restarting. The developer offers three cards, you can switch between them by pressing the corresponding number keys - 1, 2 and 3.

TitleRun can be found at Those who like the game are advised to add it to the bookmarks bar - then it can be launched on any site.