This site will destroy itself if new entries stop appearing on it.

The Internet is full of zombie sites: forums long abandoned by everyone, product pages that were once new, announcements of cultural events ... It's different with this site: if no one posts anything on it within 24 hours, it will permanently delete itself, leaving only a farewell message about the error.

This Website Will Self-Destruct offers visitors a simple web form that allows them to send any message to it. All records are stored anonymously in a database and visitors can view them in no particular order. At the same time, a timer is built into the site code, constantly counting down 86, 400 seconds. The moment it reaches zero, the database - and the site itself - will be destroyed.

Obviously, the vast majority of people write on the site about painful issues - the coronavirus and how they are given self-isolation - for this topic there is a four-word link that reads: "It was a difficult month." Of course, this is not the only topic for discussion. Here you can find confessions about unrequited love, anecdotes about video games and gratitude to the site for its existence. The site's creator, FemmeAndroid, reports that the site posted about 15, 000 posts over the weekend alone, with over 1 million views.

While people are sitting in their apartments, unable to see each other in person, this turns the site into a kind of time capsule - until humanity begins to forget the coronavirus like a bad dream. As one post said: “Please stay alive during this pandemic. After it, you can calmly engage in self-destruction, no one will care about you. "