Google will completely abandon April Fools' giveaways this year due to coronavirus

April Fools Day is a well-established tradition in many countries of the world. This year Google, known for its numerous April Fools' jokes that the company accompanies almost all its products, decided to change the established custom. The reason is clear: no time for jokes, the coronavirus pandemic is raging.

According to the online publication Business Insider, Google “is abandoning this tradition for a year out of respect for everyone who is fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. Our main goal now is to help people, so let's save the jokes for next April, which will undoubtedly be much brighter than this one. "

One cannot but do justice to Google's wise decision. Given the severity of the crisis in the United States and the world, dedicating an entire day to once again misleading Internet users with jokes about the supposedly new but nonexistent search features of Google, YouTube, Gmail or Google Maps is a dubious idea.