Damien Riehl recorded every possible melody in the world to make music forever free

“The existing system of registration and protection of copyright for musical works is completely broken and needs to be replaced, ” said musician Damien Riehl. Until that happened, he made a proactive move and, with the help of the programmer Noah Rubin, developed an artificial intelligence that played and recorded all possible melodies. It turned out not so much by the standards of "big data" - about 68 billion individual songs.

The algorithm was tuned in such a way as to enumerate all possible combinations of sound sequences up to 12 notes long, which is enough to create the "signature" of the melody. AI did not compose music, did not evaluate it, but simply and meticulously recorded each new combination, at a speed of 300, 000 melodies per second. Most of them cannot be called otherwise than a cacophony of sounds, but this is secondary. The main thing is that now on a small hard disk in MIDI format there are all the melodies of the world, including those already forgotten and not yet composed, and the musician Damien Ril has the rights to them. Who posted this entire collection in the public domain in order to end the copyright disputes between musicians once and for all.

According to Damien, the number of melodies is initially limited by the laws of nature, human physiology, which means that it is impossible to create endlessly - composers will involuntarily repeat themselves. We do not compose music, we do not create something from scratch, but simply discover what is already laid down, like the laws of physics or chemistry. But it would never occur to anyone to arrogate to themselves the copyright for hydrolysis or gravity?

In a practical sense, if the legal system recognizes Riehl's rights to his music, it will open up endless possibilities for the creativity of all musicians. No more lawsuits and claims that someone stole a motive or a chord from someone, no more threats and blackmail from show business dealers. Only freedom of creativity, as it is.