Mozilla Launches Its Own VPN App For Android And Windows

Mozilla has launched its own VPN application. It is currently in beta testing and can be accessed by invitation only. The service is not free - online privacy is not a charitable cause. On the contrary, it is a valuable tool that costs $ 4.95 per month to access even in the beta stage.

Mozilla VPN uses the new Wireguard protocol, which, according to the developers, is faster and more secure than its counterparts, including the extremely popular OpenVPN standard. With the help of this application, users will be able to simultaneously connect five devices, choosing one of three dozen countries through the servers of which traffic will go. Mozilla ensures that the organization does not log customer network traffic or maintain a history of site browsing.

The company launched its VPN program last September, releasing an extension for Firefox, but only for users in the United States. Now is the time to take the technology to the big world, as well as compete with industry peers, like the Opera browser with its own built-in VPN. Online privacy has long gone from a hobby and privilege to a highly demanded service.