Chess is becoming a popular esports discipline

Alexandra Botez

The news agency NBC News reports on the interesting achievement of Alexandra Botez, one of the strongest active female chess players in Canada. The Official FIDE Master has started streaming her online chess battles on the Twitch streaming service and is already attracting over 1, 000 viewers per session. Together with her fellow chess players, she has effectively brought chess to the level of esports discipline, making it the fastest growing game on the platform.

Chess fascinates young gamers with its aesthetics. Classic turn-based strategy, with a set of different-sized units in the fantasy style, simple rules of the game and ascetic, deliberate primitive graphics. Monochrome design, no division into "bad and good", completely equal conditions, an open playing field and the ability to carry out any strategy. All this creates an attractive image of chess among gamers - in fact, the world is re-familiar with the ancient game.

The chess players themselves make a significant contribution to the popularization of the game - for example, Botez actively comments on his matches, explains the nuances to the audience. At the same time, chess players stand out favorably among the gaming community - they are silent, focused, with their analytical thinking skills they resemble omnipotent artificial intelligences and, as a rule, are far from empty communication on social networks and self-promotion. This turns them into new idols of intellectual youth, who, after them, returns glory and respect to the thousand-year-old game.