You can now play CS: GO against the Dutch Ministry of Defense

The Dutch Ministry of Defense has developed an interesting scheme to attract new talent - through the popular online shooter CS: GO. To this end, the country's military leadership has officially registered a new cyber team called KM Esports. It includes high-ranking officials who will conduct undercover work among professional e-sportsmen.

"Look at the operator of an army attack drone", - says the commander of the Royal Netherlands Navy Peter van den Berg, - "This is the player behind the joystick, not a pilot in the usual sense." Despite similar tasks, they have completely different types of training and in the high-tech wars of the future it will be yesterday's gamers that will be needed. For whom it is customary to assess the situation on the battlefield through the screen, and make decisions quickly and uncompromisingly.

So far, KM Esports has played only 30 hours, shows weak (compared to professional esportsmen) results, but it has official access to cyber tournaments and can contact high-level players. This is the point - van der Berg openly admits that he does not expect any victories. Instead, officers must study the environment, the interests of gamers, forge connections, and create a base for recruiting players into the military. For specific, highly specialized and interesting positions.