The logo of the new US Space Force turned out to be a bizarre plagiarism of everything in a row

At the end of last week, US President Donald Trump tweeted an image of the official Space Force emblem. This is a new, sixth branch of the country's military forces, which was created quite recently - Congress just last month approved the allocation of $ 738 billion to service it. And now for the second time, after a uniform with elements of forest camouflage, the newly created space forces are attracting everyone's attention.

Fans of the Star Trek series immediately pointed out the fundamental similarity between the emblem of the Starfleet and the new logo, accusing its authors of borrowing ideas. In response, former National Security Policy Advisor John Noonan, a veteran pilot, said - yes, the sign was redrawn, but not from the series, but from the real Air Force emblem.

The next nuisance was that the creation of the Space Forces was planned a long time ago, and as part of the campaign, back in 2018, a survey of the population was conducted to see the future emblem. None of the six graphic options then selected by a general vote has virtually no resemblance to the published picture. So why, in this case, did people try and draw new symbols, if in the end their opinion was ignored?

Finally, the last aspect - Twitter users meticulously studied the location of the stars on the logo, after which they came to the input that this fragment was simply copied from the NASA emblem. CBS, which owns the rights to the Star Trek series, is not commenting on the newly approved symbol.