Podcast authors can now become Pulitzer Prize winners

One of the most prestigious awards for achievements in literature, journalism, theater and music - Pulitzer - was established in August 1903. Since 1917, it has been presented annually on the first Monday in May. However, starting in 2020, there will be more nominees for it: authors of unique podcasts will be added to them.

Foreign podcasts like S-Town, Serial, and Beleve are not only fun, but they are examples of impartial and detailed investigations. The awards will be given to authors of "revelatory reports and flashy stories." We are talking about carefully prepared journalistic investigations, as well as their vivid coverage in audio issues.

US media radio and podcast authors are invited to submit their work that aired in 2019. Potential contenders may include the well-known In the Dark, To Live and Die in LA, Man in the Window ”), “ White Lies ”and other podcasts with a crime story.

Recall, in addition to the prestigious medal, the laureates receive a monetary reward of $ 15, 000.