The Vatican has launched its own server in Minecraft

Last week, the Vatican's special service launched a dedicated server for its own space in Minecraft. And immediately faced with unforeseen difficulties - a powerful DDOS attack went to the server. It was not possible to reflect it, so the server was disconnected from the network for several days.

The idea of ​​creating a Vatican server for the game Minecraft matured in the summer, when the priest Father Ballser arranged a survey on the topic - what game would the parishioners want to see as a new digital space? It was conceived as a place for communication, discussion, joint activities and expression of opinions. The Vatican wanted something akin to online games, easy to go in and chat with, but the default location should be free of negativity and toxicity.

Then, in August, 64% of respondents voted for Minecraft, and work began. According to Ballser, the server attacked on Monday was a test server, and therefore it is not surprising that it failed to cope with the load. Errors were taken into account, conclusions were made, the new configuration must cope with potential attacks. So far, the server is really working, you can verify this personally by following this link.