Businesses are moving massively from VPN to zero-trust model

According to Zscaler, 15% of business organizations surveyed in 2019 have already switched to Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) technology to protect against network threats. And another 59% plan to do so within 12 months, thereby saying goodbye to the outdated VPN, the vulnerabilities of which are increasingly being exploited by cybercriminals to attack businesses.

ZTNA technology ensures that only authorized users can access certain applications in accordance with the company's security policies. Unlike virtual VPN tunnels, ZTNA users are not actually present on the network, and applications cannot be accessed from the Internet, which guarantees zero attack potential.

The main reason for the transition to ZTNA, according to American experts, is the colossal pressure on the security services of companies from both sides. First, customers and employees themselves increasingly want to work through cloud services, accessing the organization's systems via the mobile Internet. Second, business partners are unhappy that joint projects and data are at risk because the two organizations take different approaches to protecting them.

The ZTNA principle in this case acts as a Solomon solution - it does not limit businessmen in using specific technical solutions, but forces them to abandon the illusion of an “impassable fence”, which many still see the same VPN. As noted by Patrick Foxhoven, CIO at Zscaler, it’s amazing that people nowadays believe that you can create information security once and for all just by buying a “miracle product”. And this upsets more technically advanced business circles, which do not want to deal with partners so vulnerable in terms of cybersecurity.

In addition to these facts, Zscaler polls provide other data. Thus, approximately 61% of all business organizations express concern about the imperfect security systems of their partners. But 53% still do not see the point in mastering ZTNA, believing that the protection systems adopted by them will be able to protect them from modern attacks.