89-year-old "Gamer Granny" from Japan loves GTA and Skyrim

Tokyo resident Hamako Mori is planning to celebrate her 90th birthday soon and is likely to post videos of the celebration on YouTube along with her other entertainment. The dominant among them are computer games, which the Japanese "Grandma the Gamer" has been playing with pleasure for almost 40 years. She started out with ancient hits like Cassette Vision, Dragon Quest and the original Legend of Zelda.

“The visuals in modern games are amazing, ” says Mori. She knows what she is talking about, since she managed to personally see several stages of the evolution of game development. And, unlike many elderly people, the Japanese grandmother does not prefer games in the style of "collect the balls", but looks forward to new AAA projects like GTA 6 and The Elder Scrolls VI.

Serious games with a large open world have a fundamental advantage - in order to achieve at least some success in them, you need to train your memory and analytical thinking. Otherwise, you will not get lost for long and die in a battle with a small rat, forgetting to pick up a more powerful weapon. Hamako Mori calls computer games his "medicine", a means of prevention for age-related brain diseases.

In such a developed country as Japan, old people live for a long time, and therefore "Grandma the Gamer" hopes to play many more new games. She is not as famous as top gamers, but she has already gathered her small audience on YouTube.