Google launches new project to help rehabilitate people with addiction

Google is launching a new website, "Recover Together", which displays all the resources in the United States that can help you get rid of addictions. For example, thanks to integration with Google Maps, you can find pharmacies that sell naloxone, a drug used to combat opioid overdose.

Google has partnered with the Recovery Resource Center to populate these maps. Trusted sources are especially important in rehabilitation, as this area attracts numerous fraudsters. Google faced this in 2017, which forced the search engine executives to ban many of the rehab ads.

The new Google page will not contain ads, instead it will offer information on treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of addiction with links to trusted resources. The link to the new site will appear on the main page of the search engine right below the search box.

Even if the site is partially conceived as a PR stunt to compensate for the damage caused by scammers in 2017, it will still provide invaluable assistance to people who decided to get rid of addiction.