US Navy starts recruiting prominent YouTube bloggers to promote naval service

William Osman, an engineer and at the same time one of the popular YouTube video bloggers, was recently invited aboard the American aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt for an unusual purpose. He was offered to take part in a "competition" for dropping eggs from a height (a popular engineering task - ed. Tekkult), in which, in addition to him, two US Navy personnel participated.

The result was a series of entertaining videos that were viewed by 1.5 million YouTube users in the first weeks, with 98, 000 likes and over 7, 700 comments.

Osman became one of three famous video bloggers selected by the US Navy to popularize service in the navy. First of all, we are talking about vacancies that require special training - for the positions of cryptologists, assistant mechanics of nuclear installations and specialists in the disposal of ammunition.

The next participant in the project was video blogger Kevin Lieber, better known to YouTube users as VSauce2. During the game "Battleship" with one of the crew members on board the nuclear submarine "Pasadena" Lieber explained mathematical probabilities in an accessible language. The video was watched by 4, 1 million people.

The third participant in the project, video blogger-diver Jake Keller, "specializing" in treasure hunting, released a video in which he, together with other divers, defused training ammunition on the decommissioned aircraft carrier Midway. For several weeks, the video was watched by 2, 1 million Internet users.

According to the project leaders, these simple and accessible videos should awaken interest in service in the Navy in young people aged 17 to 24 years.