AI will transform your selfie into a classic Renaissance portrait

The Internet is seriously interested in applications for redrawing personal photos for various tasks, and recently another thematic service has appeared. The tool, created at the MIT Lab, will be able to transform the image of a human face into a painting. Artificial intelligence, powered by IBM Watson AI, mimics the way Renaissance artists paint and brushes.

The generative adversarial network used in the project is not new, and this is its advantage. This combination of algorithms has already solved several complex problems in the past, such as "animating" face sketches or making reliable copies of an MRI scan. One of the portraits drawn by a modification of this neural network was auctioned for $ 432, 500 last year. Before that, the system was trained on 45, 000 classic canvases depicting people.

An interesting fact - as a result of AI training, I independently came to the conclusion that people in pictures should not smile with their teeth shown. Partly because there is almost no such thing on old canvases, plus the neural network takes into account that a drawn picture should be different from a snapshot. It is necessary to show a "noble", chaste version of a person's appearance. Simply put, to flatter the customer, as the artists of past centuries really did.

There are no bright, "acidic" colors on the modified images, the whole range is sustained in pastoral colors. Also a tribute to history, as a wide range of different and available dyes appeared only closer to the 20th century. In addition, you will not see moles, wrinkles and other individual features on the faces, except for those that favorably emphasize the brutality or tenderness of the image. These are all hallmarks of Renaissance painting, and the AI ​​adheres to them meticulously.