Based on the script by William Gibson, an audiobook will be created - the continuation of the film "Aliens"

The author of the famous cyberpunk novel "Neuromancer", William Gibson, wrote a sequel to it after the release of David Cameron's blockbuster "Aliens". This script gained some fame among fans, but was never implemented - Hollywood producers preferred the material that formed the basis of the film "Alien 3". Now Audible studio intends to turn the story of William Gibson into an audio drama.

Gibson turned the history of the Aliens franchise towards socialism, he tried to imagine how a totalitarian state could react to the attack of alien monsters. In the script, it is called the Union of Progressive Nations and is a copy of the USSR in a sci-fi setting. After the events on the planet LV-426, Ripley, along with Sergeant Hicks, Newt and the android Bishop, were intercepted by the border service of this power. During the assault on the ship, one of the soldiers was infected with a face-hijacker - this is how a new round of struggle between people and xenomorphs begins.

This will not be the first audio-drama in the Alien universe; earlier novelizations of all parts of the film, as well as several author's stories, were translated into this format. Such content is distinguished by the use of special sound effects, a full cast for voice acting and original directorial techniques. In particular, the new audio-drama will feature the voice of Michael Bean, who played Corporal Hicks in Aliens 3.

The audio-drama will be released on May 30 and can now be pre-ordered on the Audible website.