Augmented reality weather forecasts make a lasting impression

Guided by the principle of “show it once, then tell it a hundred times, ” the Weather Channel (USA) last year began adding graphic images to its episodes of what announcers warned viewers about. One of the latest episodes went viral and scared the audience outright - TV, together with scientists, showed how American cities would sink by the end of the century due to rising sea levels.

Presenter Jen Carfagno showed the audience the flooded streets of the oldest US city of Charleston, which is only 4 meters above the water level. And she added that something similar is already being observed in Norfolk, which is located 2 m below. One of the reasons, for example, can be called the melting of the Jacobshaven glacier in Greenland - the video convincingly demonstrates that almost nothing remains of the ice mass from the photographs of 1851 today.

Fresh and disappointing UN data: the point of no return in the melting ice in the Arctic was passed last 2018. This means that the water in the world's oceans will become more and more, and in fact there is so much ice in Greenland alone that after thawing it will be enough to raise the global water level by 6 m relative to today.

But there is a weighty positive note in what is happening, or rather, in its graphic and terrifying demonstration. As they say, he who is forewarned is armed - let the inhabitants of the planet be properly frightened now and move from passive discussions to finding solutions to the problem. There is still time to organize even very ambitious local and global projects.