Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser is now officially available for download

The premiere of the Microsoft Edge browser took place simultaneously with Windows 10 - on July 29, 2015. However, over the next three years, Edge never managed to take its rightful place in the desktop browser market.

"Correcting bugs" ended with the creation of a new version of Edge already based on the Chromium engine, an experimental version of which has just appeared in the public domain. The secret of this "union" is quite simple: the share of Edge users is only 4.4%, while Chrome has 65.5%. The next closest competitor, Internet Explorer, has 9.83%.

The first builds of Edge Canary and Developer are already available for download, and for Canary they are updated almost every night, and for Dev - weekly, which indicates their greater stability. Beta builds, as well as support for Mac and other Windows versions, are expected at a later date.