Macaulay Culkin starred in a playful remake of the movie "Home Alone" for a Google ad

The movie "Home Alone" has been a cult Christmas story for decades, and therefore it is not surprising that Google chose it to advertise the new festive update of the Google Assistant service. They also remembered Macaulay Culkin, the leading actor in the legendary film, who grew up, relaxed and now can no longer protect his home from thieves without the help of high technology. However, what are they for then?

The plot of the commercial is based on the reproduction of key scenes from the film, but now the hero is actively helped by Google Assistant. It turns out that the system can both give advice and take over the management of smart home functions in order to deceive burglars, and much more. Kevin didn't even have to come up with anything - why, if you can just command "Start the operation on my name"? And Google Assistant regularly warms up the door handles, turns on the illumination and just doesn't call the police himself.

The creators of the video tried to reflect the diversity of the Google Assistant eco-system, which includes robotic vacuum cleaners, numerous sensors, remote services for communication with the outside world, and much more. And in a real update for the voice assistant, there are thematic phrases and quotes from the old movie. In particular, to the question "Have we forgotten something?" the system will respond with the famous yell of the protagonist's mother - "KEVINNNNNN!".