Year-End Video "YouTube Rewind" Sparks Online Civil War

YouTube has a tradition at the end of the year to compile excerpts from the most popular videos of the past year. It's called "YouTube Rewind" and usually gets good reviews - but this time it went the other way around. The appearance of "Rewind-2018" had an apocalyptic effect on the web. More than 4 million "dislikes" in the first 48 hours after the publication of the collection and more than 10 million to date, which even broke the absolute anti-record of Justin Bieber's clip "Baby". The Internet community is outraged.

The reason for the indignation lies on the surface, the selection did not include many of the really famous videos of this year, but there are many videos from advertisers. According to Felix Kjelberg, aka PewDiePie, the current issue of YouTube Rewind has become a "train wreck" - the service has detached itself from the interests and opinions of the audience and rushed on its own track. But the compilers have forgotten in whose hands the source of likes is, and who puts comments on the video, so the negative reaction to "this" was not long in coming.

Did the administration of the service have any choice at all? YouTybe, like any commercial structure, is aimed at making a profit. This means that it is necessary to take into account both the requests of viewers and the instructions of advertisers - but how to combine two so different areas of interest? Finding a middle ground in such a situation is like catching lightning in a bottle. This is a comment from the press secretary of the service, Andrea Faville, who tried to justify herself for the terrible result.

The scandal surrounding "YouTube Rewind-2018" exposed an extremely painful problem of the service. He can no longer balance between two fires, instead of thoughtful diplomacy, now and then radical measures are taken, alienating even once devoted authors and viewers from him. The issue of earnings has been relegated to the background, now we have to solve complex problems like “how not to slip into censorship, ” which has actually been happening for a long time - take, for example, the politically motivated closure of Infowars, Alex Jones’s channel with its 1.6 billion views. ... And there is simply no clear advice for YouTube in this situation.