Yandex has every chance of ousting Google from the Runet

In light of political disagreements and mutual threats to "disconnect Russia from the Internet" among Western IT specialists, the question is increasingly posed: what will this actually turn out to be? In particular, will it not work out, following the example of economic sanctions, that such restrictions will kick out the largest foreign services from the Runet? Fears are fueled by news about Yandex's success - and Google has already admitted where they are starting to lose.


The service was launched in September, but the number of active users already includes fifty large companies, including structures with foreign capital, banks and air carriers. The cloud service provides access to the entire range of intelligent tools from Yandex - and it turned out to be depressingly large for competitors.


An online trading platform with 20 million active users and 150 online stores. In 2018, the service was expanded with two new features that add more than a thousand stores abroad to seller lists and provide cross-border trade and free delivery of goods from abroad.


In 2018, the navigation service received the option of remote payment for fuel for the car. In fact, this gives Yandex control over where, when and under what conditions ordinary motorists will refuel their cars. An extremely important direction of the economy, in the light of the rise in gasoline prices and the raging crises in Europe due to this.

WeChat Pay Integration

Chinese tourists are increasingly interested in Russia, and Yandex was among the first to provide them with an irreplaceable service. After the integration of the WeChat Pay payment service into Yandex tools, 1.5 million Chinese tourists can pay for services and goods in Russia as usual as at home.


Yandex.Taxi took over Uber in Russia, and after the purchase of Foodfox, an additional food delivery service Yandex.Eda was launched. Among the partners are the brands McDonald, Shake Shack, TGI Friday, Papa John’s, plus local food and fast food producers. Add to this the absorption by Yandex of aggregators of news about discounts and promotions - and it becomes clear that if you disconnect from Google on the Runet, they will neither starve nor get bored.

And in the West, news about testing under the patronage of Yandex unmanned vehicles, the release of the Yandex.Phone smartphone without reference to the Android environment and other "secret" projects of the company announced for 2019 are greeted with sadness.