Chinese hackers have learned to hack the US Navy

In its Friday issue, the Wall Street Journal reported that one of the main symbols of the US military power - the US Navy - has been attacked by Chinese hackers several times over the past year and a half. In particular, naval contractors were attacked, as a result of which the attackers had information about the service of American ships and about supersonic anti-ship missiles.

It turned out that the hackers found a weak link in the information protection system in the person of military research laboratories at universities. According to NSA officials, the hacks have clear identifying markers that indicate their Chinese identity: the hacks were carried out from Beijing and other cities in China. Evidence also includes utilities commonly used by Chinese hackers and a randomly discovered IP address from Hainan Island.

The US Navy command did not specify how many times hackers attacked their servers over a year and a half, but noted that these were "far from isolated cases."

In turn, representatives of China categorically deny their own involvement in cyber attacks and fundamentally do not respond to requests coming to them.