Seven-year-old makes $ 22 million a year on YouTube

Forbes summed up the year and identified the most financially successful YouTube blogger. It was Ryan from the Ryan ToysReview channel - the boy is only 7 years old. However, this did not stop him from officially earning $ 22 million in a year doing reviews of children's toys.

Ryan ToysReview was launched by little Ryan's parents in 2015. Today it has 17.3 million subscribers and over 26 billion total views. This is the main channel, plus there is also a bonus one, Ryan's Family Review, but it is not so popular. Viewers like Ryan directly - a cheerful kid who sincerely enjoys new toys and enthusiastically tells what exactly he likes each of them.

Ryan's source of income was advertising, it accounts for $ 21 million of the earned, the family received another million dollars through sponsorship posts. The talented boy took the fancy of the giants from the Walmart trading empire, and with their help, his personalized line of toys and children's accessories was launched. In October, it became known about upcoming contracts with Amazon and Hulu - which means that next year Ryan will earn even more simply playing with new toys in front of his parent's camera.