SpaceX has received permission to launch the worldwide Starlink satellite network

The US Federal Communications Commission has given approval to SpaceX and three of its business partners to set up a giant communications satellite system. It will provide Internet access even in the most remote corners of our planet.

Earlier this year, SpaceX sent into orbit satellites prototypes of the future nodes of the large network, Microsat-2a and Microsat-2b, to test the concept itself and the details of its implementation. The results have been positive and, coupled with government approval, this represents a green light for the Starlink project. It envisages the creation of a flotilla of 7, 000 satellites in low orbit, which will operate in the V-band. Plus a special permit at the personal request of Elon Musk for broadcasting at 37.5 GHz - 42.0 GHz and 47.2 GHz - 50.2 GHz.

If the project is successful, then by 2025 it will provide Internet access to 40 million users, which promises the company a profit of $ 30 billion per year. And the prestigious status of a provider for hard-to-reach regions - Starlink satellites will be able to deliver the signal almost anywhere on the planet.