"Dark Matter" - the first full-fledged thriller in the format of a chat story

Hooked studio presented its new, most ambitious and non-standard project in the category of "chat stories". It is a full-fledged fantasy thriller novel, a stand-alone major work that airs chapters on Snapchat, with the ending scheduled for today, October 30th. It is called "Dark Matter" and tells the story of a student in a foreign country who, after the death of her twin sister, suddenly encounters the other world.

Chat fiction is a relatively new, highly specialized type of content in which short stories are presented as dialogue in a messenger. The text is compiled in advance, but the user does not read the book, but enters into correspondence with an illusory narrator, who tells something creepy, curious or funny. The vast majority of stories are small, because it is unrealistic to transfer epic works to the chat-feed format and will not be in demand.

That's why Dark Matter looks like a bold experiment, as Hooked's staff writer, Alice Endick, has produced a 32, 000-word piece, which is comparable to the length of an average novel. In addition to the text, voice inserts were recorded with the participation of different people, supposedly participants in the story, pictures were drawn, and amateur-quality photo and video materials were added. A lot of work has been done to keep the reader confident that an eerie and confusing story is unfolding in front of him, which the unfortunate student is trying to retell.

You can get acquainted with "Dark Matter" through Snapchat, or by downloading a special application for smartphones from Hooked itself. The studio says it has already counted 100 million active readers who already liked their stories.