The new Snapchat service will allow you to buy things on Amazon from a photo

The Snapchat service, together with the Amazon marketplace, is launching a new service - while in test mode. You can point the smartphone camera at any item, its label or barcode, after which the system will automatically recognize it and offer to go to the corresponding page in the online store. The user immediately sees the price of the product, its rating, availability, and can make a purchase decision faster.

What is the benefit of the Snapchat service itself, while being silent, the financial background of the service is kept secret. It is possible that the company is ready to work even without commissions - only to accustom as many users as possible to a new way of making purchases. Link them to your eco-environment by overtaking competitors like Instagram and Pinterest.

The tool is built on Amazon's machine vision technology, which is able to find and recognize tags, labels, logos, trademarks and other individual features of different products against the general background. In theory, she will be able to recognize an object even from the image of its thoroughly worn or modified copy. This is convenient if you have no idea what is in front of you, what it is called and what it is for. For example, when shopping abroad, where there is a language barrier.

After the announcement of the new service, Snapchat's shares rose noticeably, but then sagged amid rumors that Amazon did not really need this partnership. Yes, it is official, but Jeff Bezos's brainchild has many other areas of work, while Snapchat is losing both users and money. The company needs some kind of breakthrough - but only time will tell how the audience will react to the opportunity to buy things from ordinary photography.