Google's new search engine for China will track users' phone numbers

Insider sources have pointed to the development by Google of a secret project "Dragonfly", which will be part of a future search engine designed for China. But if Google does not hide the development of the newest search engine for this state, then they refused to comment on the news about Dragonfly.

"Dragonfly", according to the leaks, is a tool for tracking the real phone number of a user who made a specific request in a search engine. According to reports, there is already a version of this application for Android and is even being tested in practice. Knowing the number, you can most likely calculate the identity of the user, and then a large and multifaceted censorship mechanism comes into play. Here and the opportunity to block his access to the Internet, and slip "necessary" information, such as retouched photos and positive official reports on the level of smog in Beijing, instead of real data.

This story is gaining momentum - 1, 400 Google employees have signed a petition to declassify the Dragonfly project. One of the old managers of the company, Jack Poulson, resigned in protest against working on such projects, in addition to him several other prominent specialists resigned. And in addition to this, a resolution came from Congress, where they directly stated that they would not tolerate the participation of American business in foreign projects that violate human rights.