YouTube Kids gives parents control over what their kids watch

YouTube has introduced two new features designed to limit children's access to content for their own good. These innovations are focused on parents, who can now radically protect their child from the influence of the bottomless pit called the Internet with a few clicks. At least within the YouTube media space.

The first function draws the line between free content search within the service and limited access. Parents need to go to the child's profile and select the "Only approved content" option, after which the entire YouTube for the kid is narrowed down to a specific list of channels. In case he gets bored, parents can edit the list of allowed pages by adding new ones. The option was announced back in April, but the implementation was somewhat delayed, and so far it is available only in the Android application, and the iOS version will appear later.

The second function allows you to fine-tune the access limits for pre-adolescent children, 8-12 years old. Parents can select the "junior" or "senior" radio button by checking their desired clearance level. In particular, the “senior” is allowed to watch game video and search for music in the service, while the “junior” ones remain within the recommended limits. So far, this option is relevant only for the US segment, but YouTube promises to expand its work to the whole world in the future.