The first ever version of the Tor browser for Android has been released

In the second half of 2018, the word "censorship" is spoken in plain text by politicians, approved in the media, and is already hitting the Internet hard. In such conditions, for those who wish to maintain independence and freedom of action, as a gift from heaven - the news of the release of the first version of the Tor browser for the mobile OS Android. While this is only an alpha version, the official release should be expected no earlier than 2019.

The main limitation today is the need to install the Orbot middleware to connect to the Tor network, this will be eliminated in the future. The browser itself is on Google Play or you can download it as an apk file from here.

The main functions of Tor for Android:

  • Blocking trackers on websites, automatically clearing cookies - no traces of visiting sites;
  • Failure to track you through the visited site log. For an outside observer, you're logged into Tor and just sit there.

    Tor depersonalizes the unique signature of the user, changes the data about his gadget and OS to abstract information;

  • When using Tor, every time traffic is relayed with encryption through at least three randomly selected addresses from a thousand network members.

Since this is just an alpha version of Tor for Android, the authors ask you to feel free and report all crashes and bugs in its work.