Mozilla is preparing a new Scout browser with full voice control

A new addition to the Firefox family of browsers is being prepared, a special version called "Scout" that will use a full-blown voice interface. It hasn't been announced yet, just leaked from an in-house meeting where Scout was shown to department heads. While the system is crude and it has a number of limitations for working with current platforms.

The Scout data leak is probably not accidental at all, but quite the opposite. Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri - all major brands in the world are actively developing the direction of voice control. These are gadgets, interfaces, search engines, and artificial intelligence. Mozilla decided to keep up and make a browser in which all functions can be used with just your voice, without touching the keyboard and mouse.

The new browser is focused primarily on two categories of clients: businessmen and people with disabilities. Scout not only accepts user commands, but also actively responds to them, maintaining a semblance of a working dialogue. Maybe, for example, check your mail, read a letter, type a response under dictation, check spelling. Launch a search engine to find the necessary details for a message, to voice what is happening on the screen for someone who cannot look at it for one reason or another.

Other voice assistants may offer similar functions, but Scout, according to the data, will be the first commercial product in which all browser functions are transferred to voice control. Taking the Internet to a new level of human-computer interaction - this will help Mozilla increase the competitiveness of its products. The first version of Scout can be presented to the general public by November this year.