New EU data protection law turned into a great lullaby for adults

Last month, the IT sector plunged into a state of mild panic over the entry into force of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), for which a number of companies were simply not ready. In the same month, it was time to exhale and indulge in relaxation after solving problems. Moreover, the authors of the Calm meditation application believe that the reason for the dissatisfaction of IT-specialists is perfect for calming them down.

The law does not have to be sharp-edged reading, in 99% of these are combinations of extremely boring phrases and phrases. And if we allow a person with a calming timbre to read this text, we get an excellent mantra for meditation. Or a lullaby for adults, which will allow, if not sound asleep, then at least abstract from reality.

And no, this is not a joke. A new recording has indeed appeared in the Calm app media library, in which famed former BBC announcer Peter Jefferson reads excerpts from the GDPR. At one time, he conducted marine weather forecasts on the radio and became famous for his uniform, rhythmic pronunciation of long sequences of precise numbers and facts. He has been collaborating with this startup for several years now and has created a series of soothing and soothing notes for the application on various topics.

The GDPR will not be enough for a full reading aloud even the whole night, so for a start, the authors limited themselves to fragments of half an hour. You can download and listen to them in the Calm app on Google Play and the App Store, but not for free. However, there is a seven-day trial version for those who doubt that it is really possible to get a good night's sleep with the recitation of the law.