The court decided that the macaque Naruto will not receive compensation for the violation of its "copyright"

This unusual story has been going on for almost 7 years. In 2011, the crested macaque Naruto, an inhabitant of the Tangkok Wildlife Sanctuary in Indonesia, stole a camera from naturalist photographer David Slater and was able to take several selfies, which were then scattered across the Internet, and later included in Slater's book Wildlife.

And all would be fine, but the organization for the protection of animals People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal (PETA) intervened, which undertook to represent the interests of Naruto, and later filed a lawsuit to protect ... her copyright for photographs that were allegedly violated. In January 2016, a federal district judge in San Francisco ruled that since Naruto is not human, he has no right to file a lawsuit.

The 9th US District Court of Appeals has now upheld the ruling, despite the lawsuit being dropped in September. Slater agreed to donate 25% of future proceeds from the publication of Naruto's images to the Tangkok Sanctuary.