How much money do large corporations invest in Wikipedia

Susan Wogiski, one of YouTube's top executives, sparked a minor scandal earlier this month when she said the video service would view Wikipedia as a source of "questionable content." Say, too many conspiracy and deception theories are based on information from the encyclopedia. This provoked a sarcastic reaction from the Internet audience - Wojiski was accused of having no idea how the Wikipedia project works.

Perhaps it is, but what about the rest of the Internet's regulars? It is known that the moderation of articles in the encyclopedia is available to all authorized users. And you can use the information from it freely, without any licensing conditions, etc. Responsibility, respectively, is also "scattered" and "collective", but in this case, the Wikimedia Foundation called for rallying and showing that users believe in the honesty and correct course of the project.

Moreover, the appeal was directed not to the general mass of people, but to reputable brands. It turns out that among the 6 million sponsors of Wikipedia, most of whom give the project only $ 10 a year, there are large corporations. The undisputed leader is Google with a donation of $ 1 million, then the Humble Bundle with $ 465, 000, the Craigslist Foundation with $ 250, 000, and, here's a surprise, the inventor of the game Cards Against Humanity also gave $ 35, 000.

Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and other IT giants encourage fundraising among their employees, on average they donate $ 50, 000 to Wikipedia per year. And only one well-known name never appears in sponsor lists - Amazon. Either Jeff Bezos makes donations anonymously, or the world encyclopedia is not in his circle of interests.