It turns out that you don't need any special skills to become a hacker.

The vast majority of Internet users are still convinced that hacking is a kind of higher computer "aerobatics". But this is far from the case. On the Internet, you can easily find many free hacking utilities, video tutorials, with the help of which the average computer owner, with a little "training", is able to become a cybercriminal.

This was confirmed by research conducted by the US National Crime Agency (NCA). The average age of offenders is 17 years, while, interestingly, they do not show a penchant for "traditional" crimes - theft, fraud, sexual crimes.

“To start criminal activity on the Internet today does not require special skills. With the help of tools such as the Remote Access Trojan, users can already start breaking the law by paying a small fee, ”the study says.

Participation in prestigious hacker forums, where, after demonstrating their "achievements", they increase their own self-esteem, becomes an incentive for future attackers.

According to the authors of the research, in order to distract young users from crime, it is necessary to offer them a "useful" alternative - the opportunity to engage in programming, to attract them to companies that develop computer games.