Facebook uses artificial intelligence to suppress broadcast of suicides

Among the negativity that has swept the Internet, live broadcasts of suicides on social networks are of particular concern. According to the World Health Organization, suicide attempts occur every 40 seconds around the world, with a significant proportion of young people aged 15 to 30, who make up the main contingent of social networks.

The leadership of the media giant Facebook has been actively involved in the fight against this terrible evil. A new AI alert feature aims to identify users who are in a pre-suicidal state.

In the "field of vision" of the system, there are posts characteristic of people who are on the verge of collapse and therefore require appropriate intervention. So social network users, seeing such a person on the air, can contact the rescue service.

In this case, the "hero of the occasion" himself will see on the display of his smartphone a set of addresses where he can address and, above all, the helpline number.